Monday, March 8, 2021

Ramz Was Here - The Book


Ramz Was Here - The Book

A collection of illustrations, sketches and walls in Book format! More than 250 pages of stuff!

Hi there! My name is Maksim but I go by Azram or Ramz. I am a illustrator and a graffiti painter. I have been sketching as long as I can remember and actively  painting on walls since 2008. A couple of years ago I took part in the #inktober challenge which consists of making one ink sketch per day for the entire month of October and I sort of never stopped... since then I try to make one sketch, illustration or wall per day. It helped my style and skill growth immensely.

As you can imagine the number of works has pilled up. My wish has always been to publish my own Book. And with all your help I hope to make it happen!

The Book will be A4 format, hard cover and will have around 250pages filled with high quality prints of my works. It will be divided in to four chapters, here are some sample spreads!


Learn More at the Authors Website:

A Man Called Stan


A Man Called Stan

Stan does things we all want to do sometimes but know better not to...
Stan is an ordinary man who is fumbling his way through life. His life flows along its turbulent course with rapids, twists and gentle stretches, while the man called Stan tries to stay afloat and to find some happiness and meaning. 
Every reader can relate to Stan as he flounders in the currents and seeks fulfillment while splashing about. You laugh, you will cringe, you will learn from his lessons in life. 
Most importantly, the strands of philosophy that tie the story together offer something substantial for the reader to take away. This is a read that you will certainly enjoy, and it will leave you with more than a smile.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

A Visit to Gigi's


A Visit to Gigis 

Along the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida

When Jack and Sienna take a trip to Florida to visit Gigi, they don’t know what will be waiting for them. This is the first time they’ve ever been to Florida so they have no idea what to expect!

They soon find out that Gigi lives on the Intracoastal Waterway, a huge canal that is always full of exciting sights and sounds. From manatees to coconuts, alligators to birds of paradise, the kids feel like they’re explorers in a distant land.

Join Jack and Sienna as they discover the many hidden treasures that Florida has to offer. This will be trip they’ll never forget!

Author: Gail Naylor. Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Group, Inc. Author Bio: Gail was known as the storytelling teacher during her 32 year career in elementary and middle school in Lynnfield, Massachusetts. She is grandmother to four active children. Gail grew up, and raised her family, in Wakefield, Massachusetts and on Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. She has a passion for all things related to water and science, and is an avid boater. Gail has sailed portions of, and currently lives on, the Intracoastal Waterway in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Tomorrows End


Tomorrows End: The path of a savior (1)

Do you have free will?
He never asked to be a hero, but the universe didn’t give him a choice.

Kevin Knight never wanted to be the one to save the galaxy. But when tragedy upends his life and demonic forces steal his soul, the fate of time and space are sealed. Until a scaly, trench-coat-clad alien appears and gives him a glimpse into the true nature of all things.

Astounded, Kevin learns the world he knows is merely an illusion created by alien beings who control humanity’s every move. With an invasion imminent, he must defeat the blackness and perfect his powers before the bloody battle begins.

Which prophecy will Kevin fulfill… the one of darkness or the one of light?

The beginning of the story is set in the future, where there has been a massive war between the inhabitants of earth and aliens. The plot moves between past and future, taking readers back to a time where the earth had not been turned into a barren stretch of nothingness. Kevin is the designated savior of humanity, but he has been imprisoned for murdering his step-father. A strange alien called Robert rescues him, and together they embark on a suspenseful mission to follow his destiny. But things go haywire as various intergalactic creatures start considering Kevin a threat. Can Kevin come out victorious and save humanity? Or will he be destroyed by powerful enemies?

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Abductor Seduction


Abductor Seduction

This book is a Thrilling Erotica full of Suspense about an FBI agent named Michael whose infidelities may cause him his life, career, and family. Growing up in an abusive foster for home, he harbors the emotional and mental baggage from his childhood. Sharon, the town CPR instructor gets caught in his web of deceit, lies, and manipulation. The information she has on him is enough to destroy everything and everyone he loves. Meanwhile, his wife Mariland will stop at nothing to save her family alongside of him while Sharon's aim is to exploit his indiscretions to the entire town.

Come and read from the mind of Leah Winters- Foster where you will be taken on a Wild Ride of confusion, chaos, and suspense.

The Saints Lost Their Way


With their mother, father, and uncles already nursing wounds from previous rebellions, Mattie and his brother, Tadgh, are no strangers to Irish struggle against the British crown. Only when the brothers are torn from their own home do they realize just how bloody complicated the Wars of the Three Kingdoms truly are.

With England, Ireland, and Scotland about to be locked into a decade of conflict, dying in battle is somehow still the least of Mattie’s worries. Whether it’s enslavement in the tropics, the navigating of an unforgiving sea, or horrific tribal conflict in faraway lands, Mattie will not only learn the global reach of the war from his homeland but also get a chance to discover liberty—and love—in the unlikeliest of places.

From devastated Irish farms to a vast Barbados plantation and beyond, this sprawling epic takes readers through the riotous depths of seventeenth-century Irish history, revealing the often brutal but sometimes inspiring truths that no history textbook ever could.

Battles will be lost. Loyalties will be tested. Love will be challenged. In the desperate fight to determine who will rule Ireland, Mattie’s final fate may take him further from home than he ever could have imagined.

About the Author

In a former life, Fred Ruark was a management and communications consultant for various industries. But ever since he was young, he has had an endless appetite for knowledge about his own Irish history and culture, as well as those of the many Native American tribes that once occupied North America.

Now retired, he has time to dedicate to another lifetime passion: writing. His extensive research into Ireland’s history has culminated in the completion of his first historical novel, The Saints Lost Their Way.

He holds both a BS and an MS from Johns Hopkins University and currently lives in beautiful southern Maryland.

Friday, March 5, 2021

21 Days


21 days: 

Build New Habits and Break the Old Ones 

and Change your Life

Bring the hope to your life in simple way

Breaking old habits and building new ones is easy, it just takes 21 days

Each of us have thought about changing our patterns of behavior or bad habits that are holding us back. But we never reach from where we are to the place where we have built or broke a habit in our life. It isn't the fault of yours. You were not shown the right way for making and breaking habits. The 21-day approach discussed in the book will show you ways to change your life and give you a methods to perform every habit, so that you will never be left in the void of figuring out everything by yourself. You'll learn

Habits to make your diet better
Habits to physically active
Habits to manage your finances
Habits to cultivate reading
Habits to build relationships with friends and family

Get ready to change your life. There is method to my madness. Let's do it together in a scientific way